Why Accreditation?

Accreditation is an evaluation and approval process for organizations or programs to deliver a specific type of services or set of services. The focus is on the organization/program providing the service(s). The process will help your organization to:

  • strengthen its infrastructure for peer service delivery;
  • learn more best practices; and
  • engage in continuous quality improvement that is standards-driven and based on the values and principles of the recovery community.

In the past several years, many states have moved forward in certifying peer specialists to assist in the recovery of individuals with mental health disorders. A few states have developed similar forms of credentialing/certification for peer addiction recovery coaches. Accreditation of your organization can complement certification of individual peer practitioners. Accreditation will allow your organization/program to oversee a full menu of peer services, including peer recovery coaches who also may be certified, as well as other peer-run services such as educational workshops, emotional support groups, clothing and food banks, recovery recreational activities, and recovery community centers that you deliver, whatever the setting (e.g. community, treatment, primary care, corrections).