SOS Recovery Community Organization

We are a community-based peer organization.  Our values, much of our governance, our strategic direction, our programming and everything about SOS Recovery Community Organization is driven by the community and those we serve.  We are made up of a small staff who are here to provide the framework and structure for our community to drive our programs, services, and offerings. 

Our services are primarily driven and run by volunteers who are made up of individuals in recovery, family members, friends and loved ones of those in recovery, or those who may be still struggling with substance misuse, as well as allies in the community.  Much like recovery, we are a diverse group with empathy, compassion and a deep passion for all that we are doing to provide a safe supportive environment for those impacted by substance misuse.  We have learned that those struggling with substance misuse are our parents, our brothers, our sisters, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and, likewise, the recovery community is represented by all of those at SOS Recovery Community Organization. 


  • Peer Recovery Coaching Services 
  • Telephone Recovery Coaching Services 
  • Implementing NH's first Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program utilizing Recovery Coaches 
  • Contracted for recovery coaching in hospital 
  • Multiple Pathway meetings 
  • Recovery-oriented social activities 
  • Host of the 2018 Recovery Rally in Dover, NH 
  • Recovery Community Centers in Downtown Dover, NH, and Rochester, NH 
  • Launched 1st naloxone training, distribution, and outreach with those incarcerated in any jail in NH with Strafford County Corrections 

Accreditation Info

Accreditation, Exemplary
5 years
Accreditation Date: 
June 25, 2018 to June 25, 2024


Contact Person: 
John Burns